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JSR Ultrasonics remote pulsers offer performance advantages in high frequency applications. Remote pulsers include a preamplifier to immediately amplify received signals. Positioning the Remote Pulser adjacent to a transducer enables the use of a short transducer cable to minimize both cable reflections and high frequency signal attenuation. The remote pulser and transducer can also be positioned far from the main DPR500 Receiver unit without degrading the performance of scanning systems and systems with low signal levels.

Interchangeable remote pulsers provide maximal system configurability in DPR500-based systems by allowing the system to handle a number of different tasks. Changing the system configuration is as straightforward as changing the remote pulser.  Interchangeable remote pulsers also allow the user to optimize a system by selecting the pulser that best drives a transducer. 

Selecting the best remote pulser for your application is straightforward; determine the center frequency of the transducer and thereby the L, H, or U pulser family. Then, from that family, select the remote pulser model whose performance characteristics (Pulse Amplitude, Pulse Width, Pulse Energy, Preamplifier gain and Bandwidth) best match the transducer as described in the Pulser model characteristics chart.